Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's been a long time since my last post. What a way to start 2009 :-P

Let's see how I did with my three new year resolutions... I have managed to wake up before noon for sure. I did run almost everyday until I got really sick the last few days. I know this shouldn't be the excuse but I really just couldn't get myself going. I will try tonight for sure and hopefully I can get back on the regular running thing. As for the batting cage, I have NOT gone to batting cage once this year yet!!! I am going to make an effort to go this Saturday for sure! Second thought, our indoor softball team has been doing very well lately. Maybe I should leave it the way it is?

So I was at VCA Animal Hospital in South Weymouth last night for my dog, Spanky. He's been sick the last few days too. I wondering what is going on... It was me and then it was him! I guess Spanky is getting old and we were told that there is a chance that he might have cancer. We are still waiting for the result and hopefully it is not that serious... I always think if I can take good care of the pets, that might indicate that I can have kids. It looks like I am probably not ready for kids anytime soon! Our cat, Tuff, is finally better from the surgery late last year, it is Spanky now...

I know I probably shouldn't complain about the weather, but this winter really sucks! I actually don't remember getting this much snow for a couple years. We got a lot of snow last Sunday again and for whatever reason BSSC decided to not cancel the games. It was very tough driving condition and took us an hour and 40 minutes to even get to the field. We alomst hit someone when we got off 495! Luckily, all of us who showed up on Sunday made it to and back from the field safely. And even better part is we won both of our football games!!! We definitely needed the win as we actually lost two games the week before.

Yesterday was a historical day in the U.S. history as we have our first black president. With the economy and everything else, I guess people are in need for a change. I never really follow politics much and can't really comment on anything. Let's just hope that things will get better!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe it's 2009. This will be the 10th year since I came to this country. what can people do in 10 years? I think I came a long way from who I was then to who I am now. For one, I am able to use English to blog! I got my two master degrees, have a decent job, started to play softball and football and most importantly I have a great group of friends. yes, without my family and the friends, I don't think I can make it. Thank you, everyone!

Just like everyone else, I guess today is the day to think about my new year resolutions. I actually started thinking about it for a few days so here goes my new year resolutions...

I will not sleep pass noon time on the days I don't work
I am never a morning person so waking up early is like mission impossible for me. Of course, when it comes to weekends and holidays, I usually sleep until whenever (whenever reads after noon time). It's been a while that I didn't even get up until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. This results in not being able to go to bed early at night and wake up even later the next day. And if the next day I have to work and have to get up early, it would result in a very inefficient day at work due to the lack of sleep.This is bad! I know I will not be able to change to morning person right away, but my goal is I will not sleep pass noon time no matter what! Hopefully at this time next year, my goal would be to wake up before 9 AM :-)

I will run 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday
I guess the goal behind this is really to lose weight, even though most people think I probably don't need to lose much. I don't go to the gym. The only exercise I really have is probably the softball and football games once a week. I don't think this is enough exercise. On top of that, I want to win the bet with my coworker!! There is still one more week to go and whoever loses the most percentage weight will win $60!

I will try to go to batting cage on a regular basis
I am never good with sports growing up. Somehow I got myself involved with softball and football now. I guess since I didn't play sports when I was young, I have to put more effort now to catch up.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Since I don't have any specific topic to talk about, I am going to call this post - stuff...

Mom's Blog
Yes, I finally taught my mom how to use blog and she actually has 4 posts already!!! I am so proud of her :-) I thought it would take me a lot longer to teach her, consider she didn't even know how to use computer a month ago. I wonder what I should teach her next!

High School Musical DDR and other video games
I finished the 3rd sets of High School Musical DDR in senior level. There are 6 sets (29 songs) and 3 levels (sophomore, junior and senior). The senior level is actually pretty hard and I got two Bs already in the first 3 sets. I was able to get minimum A- in the first two levels. Not too happy about the two Bs I got. I think I am going to replay those two songs. Speaking of the video games, I don't understand why I need to play all songs to unlock the songs. This applies to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I already pay the money for the games and should be entitled to play any song I like in that game. I shouldn't be forced to go through all the songs before I can choose which ones to play freely. This just doesn't make sense to me. But before someone can figure out a solution, I guess I will have to keep playing the songs to unlock more songs. 3 more sets for High School Musical DDR, halfway through Rock Band and halfway through Guitar Hero III. Looks like it's going to take forever before I get to all of them...

The weather was strangely warm this past weekend. I was just complaining about the cold weather a week ago when the temperature was in single digits. It was over 60 degrees yesterday! More than a foot of snow was almost no where to be found. Of course, it is down to about 40s today. Looking at the forecast, it seems like we are going to get some snow again in the next few days. How can people not get sick in this kind of temperature change?

Indoor football and softball
We had two flag football games yesterday. The first game was pretty intense. We were actually up by 2 TDs in the first half, but somehow we lost our focus and the other team tied the game with about one minute left. Good thing that we got our focus back and was able to score another TD within 15 seconds or so. Yes, it was a pretty efficient drive. We then held the other team with about 40 seconds left and won the game. The second game was a lot easier. Everyone on the team played so well and we were 30 - 6 before half time. The second half was more of a relax time for everyone. We ended up winning 64 - 30. Yes, this is the second straight game that we score 64 points. Hopefully we can keep up this offense throughout the season. The highlight of the game goes to Quanme - when Quanme chased the QB from the other team and said "Where you going Bro!" then fell on his ass as the other QB ran right by him! HILARIOUS!!!! The only bad part in the second game is that I sprained my left hand with 7 seconds left in a blowout game. I guess I am really not too smart! :-( It is a little swollen now and I still have indoor softball tonight. Let's see how my hand will react after the game tonight!

New Year's Eve - Masquerade Party at Blue22
We spent our last New Year's Eve at Blue22 so why change? It is actually going to be a Masquerade Party this time. I still don't have a mask yet. It should be fun time and maybe I will post some pictures after the party.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

My family is never big about Christmas. To us, it's just another day that we don't work. This year is nothing different. I worked until 3 PM on Christmas eve and headed to the Mall. No, I am not doing the last minute Christmas shopping. I am there to get the manicure and I got the blue tip nails :-) That's right, I spent my Christmas eve getting my nails done.

Christmas day is nothing special either. I got a few text messages from some old friends. I guess the only difference between Christmas and any other holiday is that Christmas makes me think of friends that I haven't kept in touched for a while. I decided to sent a warm greeting to a lot of friends. I hope they remember me too on this day.

Alright, time for Celtics vs. Lakers game. Go Celtics!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We lost...

What a surprise! I am actually writing this two days in a row... I just can't promise I will be doing this everyday. Hey! Who cares? I really haven't even told anyone about my blog other than my husband, my mom and my brother. So if you are reading this blog, whoever you are, leave me a comment...

So we lost our softball game last night. We played 7 great innings and stopped the other team from reaching 3rd base. However, we just couldn't score any runs :-( And the top 8th inning, I guess we had our famous 8th inning meltdown and let the other team scored 3 runs. X Man a few others suggested that maybe we should change our team name to "only good for 7 innings". Maybe we should! With indoor softball, chasing 3 runs is more like chasing 15 runs in outdoor if not more. And we had to do this in the bottom 8th, which as you all expected, we didn't get the job done. I think I am responsible for our loss last night. For one, I couldn't hit. I know I have been lazy and haven't gone to batting cage in like 3 weeks or so. I will try not to be lazy! I also missed a easy play at home with bases loaded and no out. Instead of bases loaded and one out, my error made it bases loaded again, no out and one run score. Yes, I blame my laziness for not doing anything for like 3 weeks or so. Note to myself: I really should stop being lazy! Okay, I already blamed myself and now I can blame others... The traffic was unbelievably bad yesterday and no one had the time to pick up QB. I am pretty sure the result might have been different had we had QB playing last night. No, I probably won't tell him in face about this or else he would be too cocky. Oh yes, he will! Anyway, back to our loss... Obviously, we would love to win. But the fact that the winner would have to stay until 10:30 PM for the finals kind of made everyone felt not so bad after all. We still went out to "celebrate" our so so season :-P Hopefully we will do better next session.

Yes, I have a bet with my boss and two coworkers about losing weight. The deadline is one week away (December 31st). $20 each person and the person who loses the most percentage weight will win. To be honest, I really haven't done anything to "lose weight". I wonder if I am able to lose anything within a week?

Monday, December 22, 2008

It is so freaking cold!

I already said in my first post that I am never the kind of person who writes on a regular basis. I actually thought about writing something a few times since my last post but I guess it was just a thought.

So it's been almost two weeks since my last post. Where should I start? Yes, it is so freaking cold today. I felt like I am walking in a freezer. Actually, I think I rather walk in the freezer today because it is only like 15 degrees outside and I think the freezer is warmer than 15 degrees. I never thought I would say I rather walk in the freezer... In addition to the cold, the road condition is not that great in a lot of places. I got probably more than a foot of snow and it snowed for like more than 2 days (from Friday late afternoon to Sunday late afternoon). I don't think I've seen it snows for this long. There were big snow storms, but usually it lasts within a day. And the worse part of this snow storm is that it happened during the weekend and ruined my weekend plan! Alright, I don't really have any weekend plan, but it did cause the cancellation of our flag football and I was forced to stay home for 3 days. I was definitely bored...

What is next? I had a pretty bad week. I found out that my grandma was in ICU Monday morning. My grandma was in Taiwan and I don't have a passport :-( No, I never applied one since I got the citizenship because I just thought I don't really need it at the moment. Of course, things always happen when you are not prepared. Anyway, so I rushed my passport application on Tuesday and should get it within two weeks. I then found out on Tuesday afternoon that she didn't make it. I am very close with my grand parents so this news made me really sad. On top of the bad news, there is also a complicated situation between my mom and her family that she would not be able to go back to Taiwan to see my grandma one last time. Because of this, I even received several angry emails from my little cousin - Cara. I am not ready to write this part of the story down yet, but maybe one day I will.

Tonight is our indoor softball playoffs. I can't believe we have played 8 games already. Our team didn't start too well but I think we are playing much better the last couple weeks. We will have our semi-final at 8:30 PM and if we win, we will play another one at 10:30 PM. Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Start somewhere

I have always hated writing and never thought I will have my own blog one day. I guess it doesn't hurt to give a try. Whether or not I will keep it up, we will see ;-)

What really got me starting this whole blog thing is because I need to show my mommy how to use blog. And how can I teach her if I haven't even tried? I've got to admit that It is a challenge since she is over 60 years old and never used computer in her life. "Computer" to her is something dangerous. If you press a wrong key, it will explode! I finally managed to teach her how to use email and received the first email from her today. Yes, one step at the time! She is making great progress in only a week and I am so proud of her. I think we should be able to move onto the blog part soon!